Replica Gucci’s best exclusive Net-a-Porter handbags and accessories

It is difficult to feel that Alessandro Michele has just become the creative director at Replica Gucci  italy bags for about a year and a half. Nearly instantly, Michele transformed the brand into one of the buzziest firms in vogue; his first complete collection was so successful that Replica Gucci did not even have to get a sale at the conclusion of the season.

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The 18-piece exclusive lineup debuted on Net-a-Porter’s website Monday and included ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and tiny accessories in a stunning vintage floral which will not be available anywhere else (which would probably seem like your grandma’s sofa in a less capable designer’s hands). At close of business Monday, ten of the pieces had sold out, including all the leather products, and all the sized merchandise left was nearly gone.

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There is some fantastic news if you missed out, however: many of the bits are marked with”more stock coming soon,” so if you see something you prefer, we suggest heading to the group’s page and adding your desired piece to your Net-a-Porter accounts’s wish list.

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Doing so will give you the best of first refusal upon restock, that’s the perfect position to maintain when shopping an extremely limited-edition capsule collection from among the world’s hottest veneta-olimpia handbag manufacturers. Check out the accessories below.