Bags For The Buck: 5 More Handbags that Look Way More Costly Than They Actually Are

Revenue are great (and we’re going to be in the center of many of them), but they are not the only means to feel like you’ve got your money’s worth. Although designer purses in any tier of the market are costly, occasionally you find one whose look and quality outweighs its own price , even before any markdowns are taken.
With just a tiny bit of skill (and a head start we are delighted to supply ), these bags aren’t difficult to discover. We’ve given you more than a dozen choices below, but if you need to strike out on your own, there are a number of important things to remember so as to get maximum style for minimum dollars.
First, steer clear of bags or logos that were obviously modeled after a much more expensive layout –both are dead giveaways that you have selected something less costly than what you actually desired. If an otherwise beautiful bag includes a symbol charm or tassel, eliminating it upgrades the entire appearance. Second, stick with sleek leathers that are a bit stiff so as to offer structure; soft, pebbled leather will slouch and look very casual, which usually means it appears less costly than its cheaper counterparts. Third, stay with something timeless; traditional shapes and neutral colors will probably feel sophisticated for more, which can help improve the tote’s bang for is dollar.

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